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First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to read about this exciting new music coming out of Houston Texas.


Guitar Clone Odyssey is made of musicians with combined over 150 years of experience.






“Be Free of the classical mess” inspired by Tao of Bruce Lee “I have not invented a "new style," composite, modified or otherwise that is set within distinct form as apart from "this" method or "that" method. On the contrary, I hope to free my followers from clinging to styles, patterns, or molds. Remember that Jeet Kune Do is merely a name used, a mirror in which to see "ourselves". .” Bruce Lee





To communicate with pitch, tone and time, countless voices drive the very heart and soul of this band.


Feel the Oneness, the very core of our energy  We are Guitar Clone Odyssey   Technology: 

Ranging from traditional tube guitar amplifiers to “out of this world” guitar synthesizers.





To trust our emotional feelings and reacted/reproduce the flow to seize

“be in present moment”.  


Music is performed and written in real time. It’s like basketball, we start focused and let the game come to us.  
We strive for artistic truth and integrity.
We honor the energy from the universe.
We commit to bring you memorable snapshots of life.


Guitar Clone Odyssey is

Michael DeLuco - Drums

Patrick McClain - Bass & Guitar Synth

Jeff Spike Wong - Guitar & Guitar Synth

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Jeff SPIKE Wong- Guitar Clone Odyssey one man show


This one man guitar show was inspired by my undeniable affection toward the guitar and KT Tunstall’s Black horse & the cherry tree.


Everything you see and hear is made possible by using phrase sampler technology.


This is very different than using a sampler that plays pre-recorded digital files, everything involved in the guitar show is played and sampled in real time with real instruments.

This style of performance offers a spontaneous real-time improvisation opposed to well rehearse compositions. On the other hand, the risk of timing being off and wondering out of key can sometimes be very challenging. But never less, this process allows me to play and sound very organic. It definitely shows my influences and tribute to guitar players such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Carlos Santana.


My compositions reach levels of absurdities that can only be viewed as comical soundscapes. It is appreciated by folks who understand my artistry that is a full committal to being in the moment so that the music is alive and felt. The emotional content of my guitar playing is 100% honest and unpretentious.


No two shows are alike and I have plans to evolve the show with an audience participation segment as part of the experience- living art.


I am well aware that this is not everybody’s cup of tea, but art is subjective.

After all not everyone thinks Picasso can paint…


My last thought…if a woman can sit by herself in front of the room and have conversations with her vulva in the Vagina Dialogue, then why not let a guitar player play guitars in similar context?



It’s for the love of music and guitar!




Guitar Center & Steve Vai partnered in a contest for a private lesson with Steve.

Here's my entry...Completely Improvised









For those of you that loves prog,check out Greg Borries...Fantastic stuff ...http://www.myspace.com/gregborries


Jeff "Spike" Wong and The Amazing Acid Rock Show


You can hear new tunes at My Space


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I have revised this page in myspace for friends and more personal stuff.


Be sure to click on the video page for sample of ebow demos. 



Steve Russo have uploaded tons of AMBUSH live shows...see me from year 1996-1997

Click here 



Click Here and see a music video previously only available in the music industry press kit. 




Welcome to my personal webpage


Stay tune for NEWS updates here.

What was said...and it shall be

Ambush is alive & kicking...checkout their myspace & say hi...


October 12th 2005

I decided to not be politically correct with MY opinions...

This is about sharing who I am to you, if I offend you in anyway...you have to ask yourself why?

New photos of my guitars and gear and new additions to my friends and ex-bandmates.

In the near future, i will write a story on each friend or band posts, so you may hear my story behind each photo.

Got questions?

email me!

I have been asked these questions from many of you who either knows me or saw me on tour ...

What happened from 2002-2004?

Whatever happened to Souls of Gospel?

Single "Love you" hit #38 on the AC radio and new single "I am an American" started to pick up momentum...

Without a word JGTW & James Guest Souls of Gospel disappeared!!!



Check out samples of the CD @ www.cdbaby.com



My Heart & Soul went into the James Guest Souls of Gospel CD and marketing campaign...It was my brain child and ultimately I had to put an end to it.

Here's the review on James Guest - Souls of Gospel.

James Guest takes you on break in your life journey, and one that does not have to end. He offers you all spiritual music and lyrics on a new release titled James Guest Souls of Gospel. His high-pitched emotive vocal inflections get your attention as he pulls out every ounce of feeling from his soul and directs it into every word especially for you. Once you settle in and appreciate what he is trying to say through his words and music you will understand where he is coming from, and believe me, it is a place in the heart.

Folks that like a diverse rock-pop listening experience will appreciate the different types of rock music Guest uses to bring his message to your ears, mind and heart. He jumps around from soft melodic strumming to razor-sharp licks with cool effects during the nine tracks offered on this CD. It was varied enough to maintain my curiosity and interest throughout the entire run of the recording. His personal and spiritual message will uplift your soul and rock you at the same time. How much more positive energy could one ask for from one CD? It is all packaged right here awaiting your consumption. If music reminds you of heaven or heaven reminds you of music, this will take you to that place.

1. Love at first sight
2. It's all right
3. Sing
4. My best friend
5. Love You
6. Do it all for you
7. GOD knows
8. 2000 Miles
9. My way back to you

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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