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Some of these guitars have been with me for over 20 years

My thanks to Gary Kahler for Kahler Tremolos.

John Hall for the quality and high standard of Rickenbackers.

Al Farnell for the BEST new technology in electric are the true innovator of polyfoam cell technology in instrument making.


This Farnell guitar is truely magical..."plays like butta" sounds like thick cream
Farnell Bass ...Great midrange punch!
Farnell EXP C ...I fell in love with this guitar @ NAMM 2003 ...Loud as Shit!!!

1972 Les Paul Custom with Kahler Trem...This was a birthday gift for my 16th birthday!!!
Jackson Randy Rhoads... This is the main guitar for Ambush live shows and has a nasty saturated metal sound...none of my other guitars compare to this for the Metallica style playing...
This Ibanez S is a rare Japanese version that has a North Hollywood stamp for customshop on the it @GC for under ...great find, neck feels like a JEM777...

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