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Here's PIX of friends & ex- bandmates click on the photos to see what I have to say about them!!!

My old bandmates..Steve Russo & Sal Flamma

Ambush Circa 1983-1990 Reunion NJ 2005


Sal goes Kobe Bryant!!!

Ambush 1995-1997 &

Michael DeLuco & Patrick McClain makes up the GCO trio

Ripper - Ultimate Death Horror Metal band

Al Farnell - Creator of the incredible Farnell Guitars

Alan D'angelo of Livesay...bitchin' bass playin' cat from NY

Rusty Cooley one of the Baddest...Fastest...Shredding MOFO I have ever met. I knew he was going to be good even when he was in high school.

John Dicksa...Drummer in "Sweat" & "Solid State" great guy, great friend...personal trainer to the "Stars"

Robin Beacham - Killer guitarist with Cheap Chick...a proud Houstonian 6 string

Ronna Cohen...Leader and keyboard/pianist of "The Show"...One of the sweetest person I have ever played with...she is the prefect Yin/Yang with Denise as a songwriting team....

Denise Daniel...Lead vocalist of "The Show" ...this unique talent is everything short of being like her idol Jim Morrison...incredible ability to tell a story.

Sweat...this band played hard rock with a style & sound of Led Zeppelin-Queen and the image of body builders. would have worked if brains were screwed on right...

Greg Von Borries - Drummer, Programmer, Sound Designer and one of the best friend I could ever ask for. you might have seen him live in L.A. playing for Mercy Street