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More guitars!!!!
Always need more!!!!

Gibson Rice Paul

Les Paul made for Heavy Metal

I love the flame on my Rice Paul

Marshall Mode Four


Army of Shred

I love kicklines

Up close

What do I need to fill the hole?

Guitars R US

Arial view

1978 Strat I butchered to EVH Frankenstein

My very first Ovation...Love it! has gearless tuners

Big Yeller...X2N

Ibanez Bunch

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scalloped Ibanez SZ

There's no tricks...Just Marshalls

The BC Rich Spiderweb was a killer Metal Machine!

Marshall...somethings are just made right

This Fake Les Paul was actually not bad...

Squire Telecaster - Double binding... Plays like a dream!!!

Jingle Jangle...Tele baby

Squier Jazz Bass...Awsome 4 slap & tap

Squier Strat known as "Blu Moon" its name from being the one of a kind Squier that plays like a Fender Strat

Squier Jazz Bass - Classic Vibe...This bass plays soooo Smooth. It feels like Fender from the old days

My own Pearly Gates

There's something about old Les Pauls...

Boomerang sampler & Akai Headrush H2

Come back and see what's new!